In an age when time is such a precious commodity, slow interiors are more desirable than ever. Each Musett Design Abaca rug tells a great tale.
We accompany you to the genesis of our artefacts.


Harvesting the Abaca fibres, preparing and selecting them on colour and quality then weaving them row-by-row into the pattern of choice, a Musett Design Abaca rug grows very slowly. Slow making really is the new luxury. Musett Design takes its core direction from various elements of the overall slow movement and applies it to the concept, design and manufacturing of Musett Design Abaca rugs. With the slow movement Musett Design also seeks to break with the take-make-waste attitude as is seen everywhere. By using the highest quality of the most durable natural fibres in the world our Musett Design Abaca rugs attain the longest lifespan.

Musett Design hand-woven rugs use the finest quality natural Abaca fibres with a fresh design aesthetic. Abaca’s soft fibres, as glossy and in the colour palette of human hair, have been woven into a selection of various textured, sophisticated designs to showcase the natural beauty of the fibre and the weaver’s skill. At Musett Design we specialize in the manufacture of exclusive hand-made, one-off both woven and hand-coiled Abaca rugs.


The basis of the company is our stronghold in The Philippines to export unique Philippine products into the European market via The Netherlands.

Musett Design has been established and with Bas living in The Philippines, our lines are as short as possible. We aim to be true ambassadors benefitting both the craftsmen and their communities as well as business-men ensuring high-level and top value-seeking customers interests delivering flawless sought-after 100% natural products as promised.

Founded by Walter Nonnekes & Bas Schmit in April 2019

Lao Tzu


We have created a supply chain, which transparently connects all links. It is our aim to strengthen this chain in time so it will be beneficial to all involved. We aim to invest in Abaca plantations to secure the chain and build a strong community of crafters on their pure and honest craftsmanship. Uplifting the Abaca farmer and crafter communities in the Philippines, supporting programms targeted at bettering quality of life, health and education. The development, strengthening and supporting of farmers and crafters are an important part of our activity. For that we will bring in Western knowledge to mix and gain as much synergy as possible along the Dutch Philippines axis.


Before founding Musett Design we have been active in the international business world for over 30 years. During that time, we had many experiences and gained insight & understanding about the world we live in. Our most important insight is the incredible ingenuity of men and the force of nature and that when combined, everything is possible in true synergy.

Travelling the Philippines, we saw craftspeople manufacturing wonderful rugs making use of precious natural Abaca fibres only. Immediately we recognised the ingenuity of man to create excellent rugs with these glorious natural Abaca fibres. Meticulously working and focussed craftsmen creating rugs in slow processes, longing to be introduced in our fast-paced digital lifestyles. By opening these markets, we envisioned possibilities to bridge people on a worldwide scale bringing our favourite concept of One People, One Planet to a closer reality.